Books by Betsy Dillard Stroud

Painting From the Inside OutPainting From The Inside Out
     Artists can sometimes feel as though they're in a creative rut. With Painting From the Inside Out, readers will use exciting and inspiring exercises to break out of that rut and create exciting, innovative new paintings every time they pick up a brush! Each chapter highlights demonstrations and inspirations that will enable readers to push past boundaries and explore new ideas, including exercises for loosening up, improvisational painting, combining mediums and more. These lessons will help readers think about art in new and imaginative ways, then render such imaginings with a variety of useful techniques. (Amazon product description)

The Artist's Muse The Artist's Muse
   The Artist’s Muse: Unlock the Door to Your Creativity is one of the most innovative ideas and concepts about painting on the market. Its contents are dual, for it contains a treasure trove --exceptional articles on creativity accompanied by creative painting challenges, and in addition, the kit contains a creative card game, which will show artists, fledgling or experienced exciting and different ways to express themselves by approaching their subjects "Out of the box." All in all, this package will inspire, provoke, and educate because it presents literally thousands of ways to create individual paintings. And, it combines traditional wisdom and modern approaches from some of the top watermedia artists in America. It’s a winner. (Amazon product description)